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Manual Wheelchair Storage System

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Student Designers: James (YongJae) Chang, Jake Esselman, Ryan Raubolt, Matthias Beurer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


The Final Prototype with all 3 devices attached
The Final Prototype with all 3 devices attached

The problem of storing and accessing personal belongings while using a manual wheelchair is surprisingly unknown to individuals who don’t use a manual wheelchair, but is an everyday frustration for wheelchair users. The common solution of hanging a backpack over the backrest of the chair is problematic because issues such as the difficulty in accessing the backpack when seated in the chair arise. Similarly, the lack of a horizontal surface on which to place items while maneuvering a chair is a problem user’s face while performing many everyday activities. In light of this, a system for easy storage and access of items was designed which incorporates spaces for both often needed items, such as a cell phone or wallet, and larger items, such as a laptop or books. A foldable work surface was also designed offering the user a compact, lightweight surface that quickly attaches and detaches from the chair.


The goal of this project was to create a storage system and attachable work surface for users of manual wheelchairs. An Universal Attachment Frame (UAF) was developed and attached to the chair to allow for storage on the wheelchair. They were attached at the top by a bracket with expanding quills. Then different storage types were added on top.

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