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Medicare funding policy: power mobility devices

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Consumers and professionals should be aware of the new Medicare funding policy on power mobility devices. The new policy has crucial access implications for people with mobility disabilities.

Both Consumers and professionals should be aware of three issues affecting Medicare funding for power wheelchairs and scooters. First, the policy will significantly lower the Medicare wheelchair benefit. This will place many individuals into inappropriate and often unsafe power wheelchairs and scooters. Second, the new policy requires that only "in the home" mobility needs be considered. This standard fails to take into account the functional mobility needs of an individual that arise other than "in the home".

The standards listed in the new Medicare policy for funding power mobility devices will significantly impact the independence of the consumer. These standards counter current laws, such as The Americans with Disabilities Act, Ticket to Work, and The Freedom Initiative, that protect the independence and quality of life for those with disabilities.

The LCD and clarifications can be found at