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Medication Refill Reminders

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Medication Refill Reminders from DSC

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading technology company that provides a series of community service calling programs. DSC has been in business since 1978. DSC provides message broadcasting systems and outsourcing services. This service also can deliver text message reminders as well as voice messages.

Message broadcasting is a call processing technology that allows a group or organization to automatically send recorded phone messages to members of a community instantly. An important application of this technology useful to seniors is our medication reminder service. Using our technology, community groups or citizens can automatically remind seniors to take their prescription medication at a prescribed date and time.

Besides reminding seniors and others to take their medications, this product can also be used by pharmaceuticals, doctors or other medical groups to send reminders to patients to refill their medications. This medication refill reminder service can be a valuable tool to ensure that prescriptions are renewed in time and that patients take their medications as prescribed.

Cost and Health Savings

The failure to fill prescriptions is a serious problem in the United States. Prescriptions not filled represents a loss in sales for the health and drug industry, with an estimated $15 to $20 billion loss annually according to The National Pharmaceutical Council.

But more important, non-compliance results in increased hospital, nursing home and doctor visits, along with immeasurable loss of productivity. These costs are estimated to be in excess of $100 billion annually.

Pill Reminders

Employing voice broadcast technology, DSC can deliver pill reminders in just minutes to patients anywhere they have access to a landline telephone or cell phone. A recorded message can be delivered to either answering machines or to seniors or individuals reminding them to take their prescription medication.

Simple to complex scripts can be developed for touchphone response using our IVR technology. For example, calls can be directed to medical personnel such as a doctor's office if the notice requires more than a simple "take your pill" reminder.

Online Registration

DSC now offers an online registration capability that allows individuals to subscribe to DSC's medication reminder service. This medicine reminder registration form is an easy way to ensure that subscribers are taking their proper medications and provides peace of mind to subscribers and their family members.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. can be contacted at (602) 265-5968 or using the following Contact Form.

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