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Modular Sensory Board

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The modular sensory board is a device used to reward young students in elementary school for effectively completing their work in a timely and responsible manner. Some children have difficulty developing their senses during early childhood. Because of this, we have determined that this board be specifically geared towards those children. Sensory delays can be solved by allowing a child to control the environment in which they experience objects which stimulate their underdeveloped sense[1]. The modular board provides a way for kids to experience certain materials, and then have them replaced by the teacher. Children with a heavy reliance on a specific sensory input find a heightened sense of satisfaction when stimulating that sense. Therefore, this board should also be highly beneficial to those who tend to predominantly rely on their sense of touch. The board can be transported in between classrooms and the active materials can easily be replaced and reoriented by the teachers in order to create a constantly varying product for the children.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.