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Muscle Development Scooter

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Cerebral palsy is a central motor dysfunction that affects muscle tone, posture and movement. Spastic cerebral palsy is the most common type of cerebral palsy. The patient is hypertonic and has mobility impairment. Treatment for this type of cerebral palsy include medications such as baclofen which cause the muscles in the body to relax. Since the muscles are relaxed, physical therapy can help develop the muscles well enough that the patient will be able to move on their own with the assistance of devices such as forearm walkers. The objective of this project is to develop a scooter that will help with the muscle development of a seven year old boy with cerebral palsy. In order for the scooter to work various muscle groups the scooter needed to be adjustable in many ways. Such ways include height adjustable and different types of workouts. The scooter will be able to adjust in height so that the client can work different muscle groups in his arms. The main function of the scooter will be for the client to lie down on the scooter and push himself around with his arms. The scooter can also be used in a rowing function allowing him to work muscles in his arms, back, shoulders, and legs. Through continued use our client will be able to develop all the main muscle groups required to walk all while having fun.

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