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On-Task Timer

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Student Designers: Jakub Dmochowski, Michael Millard, Sergio Olivas, Bradley Brown (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


Vibrating Case with iPod Touch Enclosed
Vibrating Case with iPod Touch Enclosed

The On-Task Timer was designed to enable a person with autism to transition between tasks at work, resulting in an increase in productivity and independence. Using visual and tactile cues, the device provides an effective way to shift attention from the task at hand to the user’s remaining schedule. The On-Task Timer consists of two primary components: an iPod application with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a vibrating case to house the iPod Touch. After initial testing, the device successfully alerted the client to stop his current activity without interfering with the performance of his tasks. This report provides a complete description of the research, design, development, and feedback of the On-Task Timer.


The client requires a device that will improve his ability to transition between tasks, furthering his independence in the workplace and at home. The most important requirements were safety and maintaining the client’s mobility during tasks. Additionally, the device must have three alarm settings: work for a specified length of time, work until a certain time of day, or work until completion of task. Finally, due to the fact that our client works outdoors, the device must be durable.

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