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One-handed shoelace tying

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One-handed shoelace tying provides individuals with dexterity difficulty and/or an inability to use both hands, the opportunity to peform a dressing activity independently.

There are six steps to completing this task:

1) Tie the lace around the first eyelet on the left side, and continue to lace down the shoe, forming horizontal lines across the tongue from L to R and back again.

2) Pull the loose end of the lace back through the second to the last eyelet, creating a tighter knot.

3) Create a loop with the loose end, so that it rests across the last line of shoelace.

4) Create a second loop and feed it under the last laced section, and through the first loop (feed with the first finger and met with the thumb).

5) Pull the new loop downwards and towards the outside of the shoe, but do not pull the loose end out completely (maintain the loops).

6) Continue to pull the loop until it rests against the eyelet (it should feel tight).

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