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Paper Mover

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As part of product development by Switches & Buttons, a robotic paper mover is being developed for use by individuals with disabilities.


Robotic Vacuum Paper Mover
Robotic Vacuum Paper Mover

The Paper Mover is a robotic vacuum system for sorting recycled paper. It utilizes a 80/20 extrusion frame to hold a motorized trolley. Beneath the track is a bin of paper to be sorted and several sorting bins such as yellow paper, white paper, newsprint, and trash. Dryer duct attached to the trolley collapses when a vacuum is applied. A rotary optical sensor and a microprocessor allow preprogrammed movements and sequences.

The Paper Mover can be controlled by several input methods:

• By a serial computer or communicator

• Speech recognition

• Switch array:

For this an array of five switches is placed within reach of the operator. These switches correspond to the sorting bins.

The operator looks at the top paper, and decides into which bin it should be placed. Activating the matching switch starts the following sequence:

1. Vacuum is started.

2. A delay allows the vacuum to build, sucking up the top paper to be sorted, and lifting it over the bins.

3. The trolley moves to the sorting bin corresponding to the activated switch.

4. A delay allows the vacuum to stop, dropping the paper into the sort bin.

5. The trolley returns to the "home" position.


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