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Pillow Case Jig for Therapy Center Worker

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A worker in a therapy center needs to change the pillow cases on the pillows after each client. She only has use of her left arm and hand, and she is unable to hold the pillow while pulling on the pillow case.


A simple device was contructed to hold the pillow case in position so the woman could put it on the pillow. This device consists of a cylinder of ABS plastic approximately 3 feet tall. The pillow case is turned inside-out and placed over the cylinder. The pillow is then pushed into the cylinder, forcing the pillow case to turn right-side-out over the pillow.

Cost Analysis

This project required approximately 1/3 of a sheet of 1/16 inch thick ABS plastic and two hours of fabrication time.

Repeatability of Solution

This accommodation involved standard materials and fabrication techniques. Note that jigs that help position or hold materials can provide useful accommodations for a variety of job tasks.


Gary M. McFadyen, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State, MS 39762