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Pull down shelf

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The pull down shelf typically includes an accordion-like extension system secured to mobile shelves and a grab bar system onto which grips are attached to indicate areas of interactivity; by exerting downwards effort upon a grab bar, one may bring the mobile shelves lower by approximately one foot, depending on which manufacturer has produced the pull down shelves.

Non-stigmatizing nature

Pregnant woman using pull down shelves

Pull down shelves are non-stigmatizing - one of the reasons why being they cater without discrimination or adjustment to persons who often are sitting (for example, someone who constantly uses a wheelchair for mobility) and persons who can stand or are too short to easily reach all shelves of the cabinet. In short, one could categorize pull down shelves under universal design because the design proffers benefits and full usage to virtually any user and includes no physical references to what users are appropriate.

The number of persons who may easily reach the shelves depends on the actual cabinet's height, which is usually at a low enough level at which many can reach the installed grab bar. According to hearsay, pull down shelves facilitate ease of reaching and access to items on high shelves for all and are useful to all members of the household they are installed in, regardless of physical stature and impairments, and are therefore preferred over normal static kitchen shelves.

Man in wheelchair using pull down shelves