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Robotron Group

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Robotron Pty. Ltd. is an Australian research & development and manufacturing company of various specialty high-technology equipment. The company was founded by 1983 by a Czech-born engineer Milan Hudecek. Its products include assistive technology equipment for the blind, such as reading machines, navigational and word-processing tools, etc.

Hudecek's inspirational meetings with executives of various blind support and consumer organizations, discussing development of the Robotron equipment, for example the Eureka A4 computer, are described in various sources, for example The Braille Monitor. The company also pioneered the development of speech synthesis products for non-European languages, for example Thai language 'Aria' computer.

In 1989, the company won the Australian Export Award.

In 1990, the company was awarded the annual Canadian Winston Gordon Award for Technological Advancement in the Field of Blindness and Visual Impairment.

In 1991 the company founded a subsidiary called Rosetta Laboratories Pty.Ltd. (later renamed to Radixon Group Pty.Ltd.) to concentrate on development and marketing of specialty PC peripherals. One of its first products was the WiNRADiO PC card which provided the initial impetus for the development of the entire WiNRADiO range of PC-based radio receivers and accessories.

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