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Sayre's Jacket

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Swing used in the application of Sayre's Jacket
Swing used in the application of Sayre's Jacket

Sayre's Jacket(obsolete) was a plaster-of-paris support for deformities of the spinal column such as those caused by scoliosis or Pott's Disease.

The jacket was applied by hanging the patient from a hoist(swing) connected to the ceiling which lifted the person from the head and the shoulders in an attempted to straighten out the spine. The orthepedist would hoist the person as far into the air as pain would allow, then the bandages and plaster-of-paris would be applied to the body forming a ridged cast. After some time, the procedure was repeated to further straighten out the spine.

In cases where the spinal deformity was slight, patients could use the swing alone to straighten out the spine. The patient was advised to hang on the swing for 5 minutes in the morning and the evening.

Prior to the use of Sayre's jacket, orthopedists used a leather jacket strengthened with steel that was tightened with screws to straighten out the spine.


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