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Scissor Gait Walking Aid

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Scissor Gait is a form of gait that is most common in people with cerebral palsy. It is presented by knees and thighs hitting, or sometimes even crossing, in a scissors-like movement because of which the person has difficulty walking. The beneficiary here, is a 5 year old girl Shrushti, who has diplegic cerebral palsy. Both her legs are weak along with a weak upper thrust. She cannot walk or stand without support. She is given physiotherapy treatment twice a week where she is made to walk with the help of a front-wheeled walker. The physiotherapist has to hold her from behind and guide her legs by parting them with every step that she takes. This is a very tiring process for both, Shrushti and the physiotherapist. Moreover, it is not convenient for Shrushti to practice walking like this everyday. On her own, she takes support of objects around and walks sideways, falling a lot of times.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.