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Shower and Bath Seating

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Shower seating allows people to sit and rest while they are bathing. They are used in homes both by wheelchair users as well as able bodied individuals. Benches and chairs in the shower also allow the user increased flexibility to reach lower parts of the body like the feet and legs. Seating in the shower adds luxury and comfort, and for people with lower body impairments, it provides assistance and independent living.

Seating for a new shower

Built-in marble shower bench
Built-in marble shower bench

It’s important to homeowners that the seating be well-integrated with the rest of the bathroom. For wheelchair users, shower seating is best when it is functional, yet doesn’t look like an assistive device. If you are fortunate enough to be building your shower from the ground up, integrating the seating into the shower walls is a very elegant solution.

This type of seating consists of a ledge protruding from the shower wall, and made of the same tile. Depending on the space available, it can be straight ledge, an L-shaped ledge, or a corner ledge.

This seating is good for spacious showers and for homes that are just being built. To incorporate this seating into an existing shower, your bathroom will have to undergo renovation. In the next section, we will discuss options for smaller spaces.

Seating for a modified shower

Sensamare Shower Line by Hoesch
Sensamare Shower Line by Hoesch
Sensamare Shower Line by Hoesch
Sensamare Shower Line by Hoesch

The most popular type of seating for installation in an existing shower is the folding bench. This is a good option for small showers that need to be retrofitted. When folded up, the user has full access to the space in the shower, and when pulled down, it becomes a seat. The flexible nature of this type of shower bench makes it a popular add-on accessory for homeowners. As an example, The Sensamare Shower Line by Hoesch has beautiful wooden folding benches that match the wooden shower floor.

Seating without bathroom modification

For a simple seating solution without any alterations to your bathroom, a bath stool is a good option. Some stools are specially designed for use in the shower and bathtub to resist rust, mold, and mildew. An example is a bamboo bath and shower stool. The material doesn’t warp, and slats make sure water doesn’t accumulate. You could also choose a stool shaped to fit into the corner of your shower. Though this type of seating is not as integrated with the bathroom as the previous examples, it is the easiest solution as it requires no installation. View the Product Links section to see this product.

Seating for bathtubs

Bathtub Seat BS-5 by Taizhou Huafei Electrical
Bathtub Seat BS-5 by Taizhou Huafei Electrical

These seats are made to hang on the ledges of the bathtub, with the sitting area slightly recessed. Non-slip material keeps the seat in place while getting in and out of the tub. The seat can also act as a tray table for someone lying in the tub. Bathtub chairs with folding backrests are also available. One example of this seating is from Taizhou Huafei Electrical. Their bathtub seats are stylish and made of wood and stainless steel.

Product Links

[1] Sensamare by Hoesch

[2] Bamboo Bath and Shower Stool

[3] Bathtub Seats by Taizhou Huafei Electrical

Author: Cristina Del Rosario
Affiliation: College of Architecture in Georgia Tech