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Sip n Puff wheelchair drive

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A Novel Driving System for a Powered Wheelchair using Sip’n Puff Interface

Authors: Imad Mougharbel (, Kheirallah El Fakih, Gilles Balouz

The appropriate selection of the interface to drive a powered wheelchair depends on the particular deficiency and on the residual motricity of the patient. Therefore, advanced technologies are used to overcome a wide range of deficiencies. However, most of these solutions are costly, use complex equipment and often not standardized or commercialized.

To open the way toward simplicity, standardization and commercialization, a new approach is suggested in this work. It is a simple control interface which is activated by means of a Sip’n Puff peripheral and suitable for quadriplegic handicapped people. This suggested solution belongs to the head category interfaces and its advantages are that patient does not need to produce accurate and tiring driving motions. A complex process of installation is not required and complex signal processing algorithms are not needed. Hence, this solution may provide a high quality/price ratio, using just a Sip’n Puff device as a driving peripheral with a simple control software as interpreter of the peripheral signals. For more efficiency, the system is provided with a training and validation simulator.