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Squeezable Paint Brushes

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The squeezable paint brush is a device that allows individuals with upper extremities deficits to partake in painting. This adapted paintbrush places the paint in the handle, allowing the individual use their mouth to squeeze the paint out of the brush and onto the desired surface.

There are currently no devices that allow people with upper extremity deficits to independently paint using a mouth paint brush. This product will help expand the abilities of creative outlets that these clients can have.

Most people that paint using a paint brush in their mouths, have to continuously dip the brush in paint and/or water to keep painting. This device eliminates the excessive bobbing and dipping of the person’s head rotating and bobbing to dip the brush, which could cause head and neck pain with excessive use. The first prototype was geared for the pediatric community. There are no other devices like this on the market. There are however, mouth paint brush holders, but none that have the paint in the brush handle in flexible plastic tubing.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.