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Stair lifts

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Stair lifts

Simply put, a stair lift is a seat with armrests and a footrest, mounted to a track that allows people to ride up and down the stairs while seated. Stair lifts are intended to allow a variety of users an alternative way of ascending or descending rather than to physically walk up or down them.

Stair lifts are one method that can reduce the likelihood of an individual with a mobility limitation or other impairment experiencing a fall. Stair lifts also allow for an individual with a mobility limitation or other impairment to be able to better access all areas of their home.


Stair lifts are appropriate for certain individuals with a variety of limitations. Such limitations include:

• Individuals with mobility limitations (e.g. chronic illness or wheelchair use)

• Individuals with physical limitations (e.g. decreased movement in legs and feet)

• Individuals with decreased / poor vision

• Individuals with decreased endurance

• Individuals with decreased balance

• Individuals with arthritis

These stair lifts can be configured to most staircases, including those with multiple landings or curves. However, the more complex the stair lift, the more expensive the unit and installation.

Stair lifts are powered by electric, but many also run on a battery that charges when the unit is parked at the top or the bottom. This function allows for a user to use the stair lift even during a power outage. Most stair lifts fold (e.g. seats, armrests, and footrests) so that when not in use it can be conveniently stored out of the way – usually occupying 14 inches of space from the wall.

Stair lift seats usually swivel and lock at 60º and 90º in order to allow the individual to transfer on and off with ease.

Stair lifts are traditionally installed inside the home, however many manufacturers have stair lifts that are designed for outdoor use. Many of the outdoor stair lifts come with covers to protect the lift from the outdoor elements. Outdoor stair lifts can be accessed by a switch mounted at the top and bottom of the stairs as well as a switch on the unit itself.


Stair lifts typically have a 350 lb weight capacity


Stair lifts range in price from $2,000 - $15,000 depending on size, location, length of stairs, and configuration of the stairs.