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Talk:Iphone/itouch features and AT for people with sensory or cognitive impairments

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Thanks for writing this article. It covers a very important topic. I've made a couple of changes in the body, but would rather use this discussion section to find what is needed. Below are some questions and suggestions:

The title of the article suggests that it is about the features currently available on the iphone, but the body of the article seems to be more of an opinion piece. (Citations within sections would help to clarify what parts are research-based, and what parts are opinion.) What information is this article trying to convey? Who is the audience and what do they need? If it is for designers, they need to know what works and what doesn't for people with various impairments. If it is for users trying to decide which phone or PDA or navigation device to buy, they need to have a comparison of models, brands and options. Users may also need a tutorial describing how to set up the various features. (I admit, that is covered by including the manual in the reference section, but more description of "how" is always helpful.)

This article has general language-use and clarity troubles. In the introduction the 4th sentence might be improved as follows: "To meet the needs of this group many assistive technology (AT) features have been included contemporary cell-phones." The introduction should also include sentence restating the goal of the article, ie. "This article is a review of AT features available on the Macintosh iphone."

Are the features listed in the "Features to Facilitate Use" section recommendations for future iphone development, features currently available or a general description of Universal Design goals? The heading title is not clear. Perhaps the section should be titled "Desired Features to Facilitate Use", depending on the section's purpose.

In general, headings should be very clear about the topic covered in their section. Specifically, Section 3 should include all feature descriptions. Subsections (3.3, 3.4, etc.) should be added, including descriptions of voice control, tactile feedback, cognition aides, and other features that are part of the existing iphone's Universal Design. Section 4 & 5 should have those feature descriptions removed and limited to discussions of existing benefit or needed additional functionality.