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Talk:Medicare funding policy: power mobility devices

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Talk page protocol

Oh goodie! And active Talk Page! But two requests:

  • Please refrain from criticizing people who aren't even on this site. It doesn't really accomplish anything.
  • Please finish your comment with 4 ~ in a row (having trouble writing this out without it activating). That should "sign" your comment. It will clarify who you are when others want to follow up on your comments.

Kmilchus 17:49, 22 June 2007 (EDT)

And back to the discussion

The Washington Post published a related article from the Associated Press on Wednesday, October 18th about the Medicare Funding Policy. This article relates the story of Patricia Meier and the financial difficulties she faces in trying to replace her power chair. The article also includes quotes from Invacare president Cara Bachenheimer, who said they will have to adjust their business model to accomodate the new Medicare Funding Policy, which translates into Invacare will be purchasing less equipment to sell to suppliers. A supplier in Ohio said during an interview that her company can no longer afford to sell powered mobility devices to those in need. --posted by staciew

Now now Cara, if someone in Ohio can no longer afford to sell PMD's, maybe you and Invacare shouldn't be charging as much as you do for all the PMD's you sell where most of the parts from the Pacific Rim i.e. cheaply albiet! --posted by WeDOCare