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Temporary Prosthetic

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Amputation and the loss of limbs typically is the result of trauma or surgery (e.g. explosions, burns, cancer, peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, etc…). Usually people without limbs utilize a prosthetic device to help regain functionality of their missing member; however these do not result in the full return of all pre incident capabilities. A person’s prosthesis should be designed and assembled according to the patient’s functional needs. Due to the fact that prosthetics can take up to 18 months to be properly fitted, assistance and personal care is needed to help such a person throughout this time. The client Sister Pat Taube is a retired school teacher who as the result of an infection suffered in the summer of 2013 lost all of her limbs. The goal of this project was to provide a device to allow the client to use a telephone independently. The final design accomplished this by using two 3D printed prosthetics that she was able to take on and off independently with the use of cabinet latches, springs, and a guide rail. By placing her arm into the prosthetic interface and pushing back to release the cabinet latch the springs would then clamp the prosthetic on to her arm. She then could pull the device off the guide rail granting her full range of motion. Once attached, the prosthetic interface was then able to accept a variety of different attachments that could be easily interchanged via the use of magnets. These mentioned attachments were a spork for eating, a stylus on her left side to dial and answer the phone, a pen to write, and a phone holder to hold the phone. At the completion of this project the client was able to make phone calls to her friends and family without the help of others, completing the original scope of the project. Also, in addition to this the prototype allowed her to regain back many more of the basic everyday functions which she had lost due to her condition.

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