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The RightFit Prosthetics Initiative

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Globally, there are over 30 million people with an amputation (1), and 47% of this population has a lower limb difference (2). In many developing countries, trauma is the primary cause (3). Unfortunately, 80% of people who need of a prosthetic device cannot obtain one (4). Patients often cannot afford transportation to a prosthetic clinic, the prosthesis, or its long-term maintenance. To meet these needs, we have developed the RightFit prosthesis: an adjustable, modular, thermoforming device that can be reshaped to fit an individual’s changing limb, improving function and comfort. Our design addresses three obstacles to prosthetic care in the developing world: cost, time, and location. Compared to current solutions, RightFit is less expensive and faster to fabricate, and it does not need specialized equipment. Our device is adaptable and efficient, with a wide potential sphere of influence in the developing world and beyond.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.