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Toy Car Adaptor Kit

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Young children with motor limitations, such as cerebral palsy, may have hindered cognitive development at an early age due to limited experiences and mobility. Stimulating their learning and allowing exploration through independent mobility is needed to grow strong neuron pathways at their young stage in life. Our design solution is a mobile device called “BMR Racecar” that children aged one to three years old with motor limitations can operate to gain experiences in their environment. Our design contains a specific designed adaptor kit that modifies a Lightening McQueen Power Wheels toy made by Mattel, Inc. The adaptor kit includes a redesigned seat, steering control, and power control. BMR Racecar provides a fun, safe, and cost effective way to develop independent mobility for these children. It has the potential to benefit thousands of children not only during their first few years of life, but offers a lifelong advantage of developed cognitive skills.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.