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Tray Labels for Doughnut Worker

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Trays of Doughnuts
Trays of Doughnuts

Thomas obtained employment at a Dunkin’ Donuts. His job duties included taking the trays of newly baked donuts and bagels from the kitchen and loading them into the appropriate location on one of the several racks. On the kitchen side of the racks there were labels identifying the particular item: Jelly Donut, sesame bagel, etc. However, Thomas cannot read and therefore was he not able to determine where the newly baked products needed to be stocked. The locations were varied from time to time, and often all the items were gone from the shelf so he could not match them up that way.


I photographed every donut and every bagel they offered (35 or 40 in all). I printed the photos on glossy photo paper, each one app 2” x 3”. I had a refrigerator magnet drive here at the office. The photos were glued to the magnets so that they could be stuck onto the metal racks at the appropriate location, and easily moved around as needed. Only one rack is visible in the photo and it was taken during my initial visit, so there are no magnet photos affixed to it in the picture.

Cost Analysis

Cost: a few dollars at most (paper and ink)

Time spent: a few hours printing, cutting, gluing.


Michael Cifaldi, rehabilitation engineer

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services