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Many people with arthritis have a strong fear of losing their independence, we found this in our persona Janet. One of the main problems Janet has is that in a morning she is too tired and in pain to comfortably maintain her personal appearance. Tasks that were once very simple now take much longer and it causes her to adopt a ‘why bother?’ attitude. It’s not easy for the family either as they are relied upon by Janet to assist her with her personal grooming which frustrates her as she feels she is losing her independence too soon.

Her limited dexterity means that products she used to handle with ease are now very difficult to use and a large number of these products relate to her personal grooming. This is leading Janet to having a low self esteem and soon she may fall into depression.

During this project we aim to create a product, which will aid people with arthritis to maintain their personal appearance. The benefit of this will be to improve their self-esteem and avoid falling into depression.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.