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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2014 Design.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2014 Design.

UMassage was designed for a client displaying symptoms of fibromyalgia in her lower and upper back. The best treatment for fibromyalgia is deep muscle massage. Although the client has tried many different massage techniques, most of them cannot adequately reach the affected areas of her back. Additionally, the client spends much of her day in her car for work, and thus she needs a portable massaging solution. We developed a back massager that is lightweight, durable, and portable. It allows the user to manipulate the force and position of the massager head while comfortably keeping his/her arms in front of his/her torso. The massager reaches all areas of the lower and upper back and provides multiple massage modes via interchangeable attachments. The client evaluated the device over a period of a week, and found that the device met all of her requirements in being able to comfortably massage the hard-to-reach problem areas of her back.

Further Information

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