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Rochester Institute of Technology 2014 Design.

The purpose of this project is to redesign the handles of a standard axilla crutch to feature a connection mechanism which is easy for users with lower extremity injuries to control. The Una-Crutch is a device that is added onto the standard axilla crutches to reduce the inconvenience of handling the crutches when they are held in one hand and to allow versatility when only one crutch is needed for mobility. The aim of this device is to give crutch users the option to connect two separate crutches into one functional crutch by replacing each handle on a pair of standard crutches with handles that can connect. As the user heals and begins to feel more comfortable with the support of one crutch, the user can connect the two crutches together by the connection mechanism at the handles while still having the option to revert back to two crutches at any point.

Through the efforts of product design, build, user testing, analysis of feasibility, and analysis of manufacturability, our team has redesigned the handles of the standard crutch to feature a connection mechanism that can be targeted towards the majority of crutch users and be produced in high volumes.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.