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Universally Accessible Contact Cement Applicator

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Student Designers: Ian Gong, Jing Guo, Michael Kotecki, David Tainter (Duke University)


Final Device
Final Device

The goal of this project was to enable employees with disabilities at OE Enterprises, Inc. to quickly and safely apply contact cement to pieces of foam insulation. Contact cement is used to glue foam pieces together to make insulation for pipe joints. We designed and built a device that allows employees to swipe pieces of foam across a rotating roller to apply a thin, even layer of contact cement. The device was designed to be easy to use, easy to clean and made from readily available components. The employees at OE preferred using the device to the old method of manually brushing on contact cement. The device makes the task of applying contact cement to foam pieces more accessible to employees with a wider range of disabilities. Our device will benefit the employees by allowing them to work faster and more reliably in order to create quality insulation elbow joints.


The goal of this project is to create a foam gluing mechanism for people with disabilities. OE requires a safe, chemically-non-reactive device that performs better than using a brush by hand and makes the task more accessible to its employees. It should prevent spills onto the outside of the foam pieces, provide 100% coverage to different sized surfaces, and be easily manufactured using commercially available components.

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