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Vertical Platform Lifts

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Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts provide a means for overcoming architectural barriers, specifically elevation changes, for those who are mobility impaired. The “crate” portion of the device is comprised of a bottom platform, side and back walls for enclosure, a locking front gate, and folding ramp for platform access. Standard platform size is 36”x48”, though larger and custom sizes can be purchased. The crate mounts to the “tower”, which houses the lifting mechanism and electronic control systems for the device. Lift heights vary among manufacturers, ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet.

Vertical Platform Lift
Vertical Platform Lift

The majority of designs are battery powered and operate using a motor and belt drive system. There are also options for hydraulic powered systems or lead screw driven motion. User operation is kept very simple, with buttons for up, down, and emergency stop. As an additional safety feature, some lifts require a key insertion for operation.


  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety sensors on bottom stop descent if obstacles encountered
  • Multiple height stops
  • Key lock for controls
  • Weatherproof controls
  • Weather protection canopy (optional)


Vertical Platform Lifts can be beneficial to individuals in wheelchairs, scooters, or anyone else who has difficulty traversing stairs or ramps. The dimensions and weight capacity of most lifts accommodates many standard size manual and power wheelchairs.

These lift devices are available for home or commercial use. At-home versions can be installed for access to house entrances, decks/porches, and upper levels of the home. They are generally more compact in size to fit in the home with minimal obstruction.

Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts are often seen in schools, churches, and business offices. They can be very helpful in situations where a couple of stairs may pose a problem. For example, providing access to a stage in an auditorium.

Potable options are also available for transport of the lift from one area to another.


The weight capacity of many Vertical Platform Lifts ranges from 600-750 lbs.


Vertical Platform Lifts range in price from $3,000 - $7,000. Price variation is based on weight capacity, platform size, and maximum lift height.