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Voice broadcasting

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Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is defined as the following:

"Voice broadcasting is a mass communications technique that sends pre-recorded phone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both business and community applications. Commercial phone announcements can be sent to prospects and customers. Emergency voice broadcasting messages can be delivered to members of the community warning large numbers of the population of a natural disaster or unusual event."

Voice Broadcasting Assistive Technology Provider

Database Systems Corp. Voice Broadcasting

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides a comprehensive set of call center technology and solutions including automatic phone answering solutions and voice broadcasting systems and software. Voice Broadcasting is a call processing technology that allows organizations to send hundreds to thousands of phone messages to members of a community instantly.

Voice broadcasting is one of the key technology components included in the CARE Telephone Reassurance program which calls seniors to ensure their well-being.

This mass communications technology can be used in both commercial and community applications and is a proven method of providing instant notification to households and residents.

Voice Broadcasting Service

Outsourced calling programs are provided to a number of organizations that require the transmission of voice messages to communities or group members. Services range from providing emergency broadcast services, political calling campaigns, and group membership notifications.

Using the DSC voice broadcast service is easy and secure. Simply sign up for the service and follow these 3 easy steps.

  • Create and save lists of call recipients
  • Record phone messages (either offline or using the DSC 800 number)
  • Push "Start" broadcast button

For an online tour of this service, visit the voice broadcast demo webpage.

If there is an emergency and a message needs to get out quickly, DSC provides an 800 number service to initiate a voice broadcasting alert.

Online Registration

DSC now offers an online registration capability that allows both commercial and non-profit organizations such as communities, churches and schools to register for voice broadcasting services on the internet. This voice broadcast registration form provides savings over normal fees.

Voice Broadcast Systems

Voice broadcasting systems are installed throughout the U.S. and in Canada to provide emergency and non-emergency phone notifications. Systems communicate over both digital and analog phone lines and include a simple Wizard to assist users in managing call campaigns.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) voice broadcast systems consist of a data management server that stores and maintains call lists and voice messages. A call scheduler controls the transmission of voice broadcasts. A phone server manages the telecommunications resources including telephony boards that are connected to digital or analog phone lines. This server also can manage VOIP messaging using an internet connection.

Outbound IVR

DSC voice broadcasting solutions can include an IVR feature that allows a call recipient to listen to a menu of choices and to make selections using a touchphone key. Voice broadcast with IVR is also referred to as Outbound IVR. One of the most common options is to choose to speak with a live operator.

Voice Broadcasting and Senior Notification

Automatic voice message broadcasting has many applications for seniors. The CARE (Call Reassurance) program uses voice broadcasting technology to call seniors at home to ensure they are OK. Emergency notification systems can call senior organizations or the community at large to contact large groups of individuals with emergency warning messages.

DSC also provides medication reminders for senior citizens using the CARE system. Reminders can be programmed with custom messages reminding seniors to take specific dosages of a medication at a particular date and time.

Voice broadcasting services and systems are provided to community organizations such as churches, governments, and schools as well as public and private corporations. DSC provides its service clients with an online management tool to download call lists, record phone messages, and initiate broadcasts.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. can be contacted at (602) 265-5968 or using the following Contact Form.

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