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Voice output for digital readout

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People who fabricate parts according to specified dimensions must have a way to verify the finished part has been manufactured correctly. Depending on the precision required by the customer and the size of the part, the machinist might verify part dimensions using a wikipedia:caliper or a wikipedia:micrometer. Unfortunately, for people with visual impairments, reading the finely etched lines on standard devices, or even the digital display on more advanced models, can be difficult. Through efforts of a manufacturing facility affiliated with the [National Industries for the Blind] a product has been developed to allow people with vision or reading impairments to hear the values associated with such digital readouts. The product is called a [Voiceman] and it is sold by [Mitutoyo].

Voiceman provides voice output for digital readouts from standard Digimatic(TM) micrometers, calipers and many other gages that use Mitutoyo's SPC output protocol. The device comes with integrated speaker, ear phone jack, plug-in for switch access, and provides voice output in English and Spanish.

Author: Scott Haynes
Affiliation: Georgia Tech - CATEA
Web Site: