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Walter Wheelchair

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This project was initiated to develop an adult active manual wheelchair compatible with the social, physical and economic conditions that currently characterize the situation in the growing semi-urban environments in developing countries. The new wheelchair design should promote an increase of independency and ultimately social integration of wheelchair riders in this context.

The project was characterized by a four-step process including initial research in Gothenburg (Sweden) functional prototype development with Whirlwind Wheelchair International at their headquarters in San Francisco, field trials in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) in collaboration with UCP Wheels for Humanity Indonesia and finally development of the second and final prototype in Gothenburg. The inclusion of previous studies from a wheelchair project in Kenya means that the end result is based on information from four different continents.

The final design has an alternating seat, which enables two different center of gravity positions. Altering the center of gravity forwards means a facilitated situation when riding steep. The front position also makes it easier to perform a lateral transfer when getting in our out of the wheelchair. These advantages contribute to increase the level of independency among the intended user group and thereby promote an increased level of social integration.

Further Information

More information can be found by following the link here.