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Wheel Adaptation for Gas Lawn Trimmer

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Develop a low cost adaptation for a gas lawn trimmer that will allow individuals with one-arm functional capacity to roll the trimmer across the lawn while operating. This adaptation will reduce the need to carry the lawn trimmer as it operates.


Gas lawn trimmer with wheel adaptation
Gas lawn trimmer with wheel adaptation

Fabricate a low cost wheel adaptation for a gas powered lawn trimmer that will support the weight of the trimmer cutting head and provide a stable base for rolling it across the lawn at a consistent cutting height. Build in the capacity for the user to activate the trimmer line feed bump mechanism with the use of one arm function.

Cost Analysis

2 Plastic Lawn Mower Wheels: $3.76

10' 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe: $1.19

3' x 3/4" x 1/8" Zinc Coated Steel Strap: $3.07

2-1/2" Steel Conduit Hangers with Nut and Bolt Attached: $3.10

1-13" x 3/8" Steel All Thread: $1.00

2-3/8" Nylon Lock Nuts: $0.50

4-3/8" Steel Washers: $0.24

4-3/8" Nylon Washers: $1.00

Total Estimated Cost of Materials: $13.86

Repeatability of Solution

Each lawn trimmer is different in size, weight, balance, length of shaft, diameter of shaft, shaft angle, and curvature of the shaft. While the basic concept of this solution is repeatable, each adaptation will present its own unique challenges to the fabricator.


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