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Wheelchair Sweeper Hitch for Custodian

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A custodian at a rehabilitation facility needs to vacuum the hallways. The individual has cerebral palsy and uses a scooter for mobility. The worker is also fairly tall.


A custom hitch system with a pin release linkage was designed that can pull a battery powered sweeper. The batteries on the scooter were upgraded to accommodate the increased load. To accommodate the worker's height, the foot placement area was also increased.

Cost Analysis

This accommodation cost about $200 to construct and involved about 40 hours of design and fabrication effort.

Repeatability of Solution

This project was designed specifically to be replicated. Labor hours would be greatly reduced for a second unit. Full design drawings have been completed and readily available materials were used. This project uses only standard shop equipment to build. Community based rehab facilities are often looking for supported employment work for individuals who can drive a scooter or powered chair. This offers a solution.


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