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Zipper pulls

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Zipper pulls make it easier for individuals with limited grip to don and doff clothing fastened by zippers (pants, jackets, etc.). In addition, these can be attached to luggage, totes, purses, outdoor gear, etc. that require use of zipper to open and close. This reduces the need for fine pinch, thus reducing the strain on small muscles and joints of the hand.

Available for Purchase

Zipper pulls are available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. They range in prices from $1-10. Can be sold individually or in packs through department stores, disability resource centers, and online.

Miles Kimball Zipper Pulls
Miles Kimball Zipper Pulls

Make at Home

Zipper pulls may also be fashioned out of items found around the house. Paper clips, rubberbands, hairbands, keychains, and other small items may be attached to a zipper to aid in pinch.

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